It’s Not Buildings But People Who Have Become Walls


They are backed up!
The Fools! 

Back to back in lines 

With forward facing side-wound eyes
(the snakes!) 

Facing away 

Taking sides 

Facing away, 

Towards the inevitable 

Distinct, dull, decibels of time 

With that thick, heavy 

Pall Mall of coarse rope 

Swinging in the air with time; 

Hang it boy!
Keep it Ringing! 

Hold it steady,
Keep it true 

Gathered here are all those before us 

Hand in hand, 

Far apart 

Solemnly stood 

Until the Church

They all walk here and there 

To and fro 

Shadowy Walls of people 

Their thin, translucent skin 

Made Simple 

By their extended passages of time 

Lo! Behold! 

Looks upon the faces where fascinated strangers sit 

With blank searching high-browed eyes 

In the bleachers, the dug-outs, the celebrity boxes 

Full cheeked with sandwiches, caviar, bubbles 

With one eye 

Cast behind them
Over silken shoulders 

Towards the vast gruel of life 

Hang it girl!
Hold it steady! 

Past the slip roads 

And the red light rooms 

Hold it steady 

Under the passage of the night 


You are awakened by the abandoned 

Promises of tomorrow 

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